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Implementation of Authenticateit involves the following steps:

1. Upgrade your product barcodes to GS1 DataBar standard or add GS1 Datamatrix to your products.

2. Integrate your stock control system with Authenticateit, or Authenticateit can implement a simple system for your stock control and logistics requirements if you do not have one in place.

3. Notify consumers that your products are now protected with a state-of-the-art brand protection system, and encourage them to scan and verify any product they buy from your brand with the free Authenticateit app.

If your company does not have a stock control system in place, Authenticate can provide a solution – including a barcoding system that will integrate with your current manufacturing or packaging process.

If you already have a track and trace system implemented, Authenticateit can simply integrate with your current system and add value to its functionality.

The implementation process consists of 3 main phases:

1. Information gathering – up to 2 weeks

2. Integration with your current process – up to 2 months

3. Communicating with consumers – ongoing

Authenticateit is built around the industry-standard GS1 barcode – GS1 DataBar or GS1 Datamatrix – which incorporates each product’s GTIN and serial number. Each barcode can also be configured to include other attributes, such as the batch number, expiry date, etc.

Brands using Authenticateit to successfully deter counterfeiters include: Jumbo Ugg Boots, Koalabi Ugg Boots, Le Serge Leather Goods and PureBranz.

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If any product protected by Authenticateit system cannot be authenticated, it means the product has not reached its intended location. This could indicate that interception, substitution or unauthorised distribution may have taken place. In this instance, we will simultaneously alert the manufacturer about the anomaly and advise the consumer that the item cannot be authenticated to discourage the sale from occurring.

There are number of ways that the transition period can be managed. The most common way is to notify consumers that only products produced after a particular date are protected with Authenticateit.

Alternatively, retailers may be able to replace barcodes on items already in circulation. Click here to contact us and find out how we can help.

Click here to view the Koalabi case study.

The accuracy of the Authenticateit system allows you to guarantee the authenticity of your products. This increases the value of your products to consumers. It also prevents unauthorised sales of your products, which could undercut your profits.

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