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More consumers than ever before are using the Authenticateit app to scan products instore and confirm their safety and authenticity. Every time a product is scanned, Authenticateit opens a direct channel of communication between brand and consumer.

Authenticateit is an effective marketing tool. Brands can provide consumers with relevant product information at the critical point of purchase, influencing consumer purchasing behaviour.

Authenticateit allows businesses to:

  • Communicate directly with consumers to gain product feedback.
  • Provide additional product information at the point of purchase.
  • Record data, including when and where products have been scanned by consumers.
Direct Communication With Customers
The Authenticateit system allows brands to communicate directly with consumers to discover new ways to improve their business offering.
Additional Product Information
Offer consumers additional information and promotional material at the most critical time in the buying process – the point of purchase.
Data Analytics
The Authenticateit consumer app reports real-time data to brands, including where and when your products are scanned as part of the Authentication process. This allows you to identify opportunities in the market and act immediately.
Loyalty Program
The Authenticateit marketing tool can facilitate a unique loyalty program to reward customers no matter where or how they shop.

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