December 2014
Holiday season is shopping season. Make sure that the gifts you buy are authentic and registered.

From the Authenticateit family, we wish you a cheerful Christmas and a prosperous 2015!
Authenticateit is proud to announce the new Product Insights feature of the Authenticateit platform. This consumer engagement module serves as a marketing tool that will help transform and strengthen brand-consumer relationships. Beyond brand protection and product verification, Authenticateit also sees to it that the platform will serve as a channel of communication between brand and consumer, through the Product Insights feature.

Product Insights’ marketing functions include:
  • additional product information accessible upon scanning (videos, nutritional information, and other messages specific to the product)
  • social media integration and live chat
  • product information displayed in 34 languages, detecting the smartphone’s set language
  • customisable content based on consumer demographics
  • feedback, reviews, and recommendations can be submitted by consumers
  • analytics that track the consumers’ activities such as which information has been accessed, as well as the location where the information was accessed
Product insights enables brands to gain a two-way channel of communication with their consumer and for the first time, engage directly with their clients beyond distributors and retailers.
Authenticateit’s warranty activation and product registration function has been enhanced to include a new features: Purchase Registration and Warranty Tracking.

The new features provide customers who register and verify their purchases with the Authenticateit app the convenience of:
  • storing product warranty information of the purchases in user’s profile
  • ability to offer authentication when selling this product on the second hand market (eg. ebay)
If consumers happen to lose their receipt, they have peace of mind knowing that all the necessary information is digitally stored and easily accessible for the purpose of proof of purchase, or ownership for warranty and insurance claims.

One of our partner brands, Pure Brandz, utilises the Authenticateit product registration feature to allow its customers to verify product authenticity, manage warranty registration, and register purchased Pure Brandz items. With the Authenticateit platform, Pure Brandz gives their customers a 10% Guaranteed Buy Back option once the three-year unconditional warranty expires.
Once downloaded why not test consumer experience by scanning below Datamatrix codes with Authenticateit App.

Product Recall

Authenticaiteit is glad to announce the newest additions to our growing family of partner brands:

a2 Milk™

a2 Milk™ utilises Authenticateit for traceability and serialisation of their export production, and implements the Authenticateit Product Insights marketing module to all of its Australian products in early 2015.

New South Wales Milk

New South Wales Milk uses Authenticateit for traceability and serialisation of their export production.

Swanshell Australian Milk

Swanshell has adapted Authenticateit for traceability and serialisation of their export production of the Australian Milk brand.


The DONE GROUP is using the Authenticateit platform for traceability and serialisation of their export production of the Creative brand.
Our partner brand Koalabi Australia (Binder Enterprise) has released a new video demonstrating how their products are carefully designed and made, and how Authenticateit protection is integrated in to production process.
Soon, a new module will be added to Authenticateit’s roster of powerful and essential business tools. Authenticateit will introduce the Ingredient and Raw Material Traceability.

The benefits of this module are:
  • products are traced back to ingredient suppliers and a particular batch
  • efficient when tracing products that are affected by safety issues
  • minimises disruption to trade and any potential public health risks
  • information includes origin of the ingredients or raw materials and the suppliers’ sustainability and ethics report
  • animated representation of the product’s journey from raw material to the point of sale
Questions and Answers on Food Information to Consumers

Traceability along the food chain now!

Combating Counterfeit Products Act is now law

Amazon launches private-label ‘Amazon Elements’ household products, just for Prime members

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