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Welcoming Koalabi, Jumbo Ugg Boots and LeSerge

We’re excited to announce that Jumbo Ugg Boots, Koalabi and LeSerge have adopted the Authenticateit system, and are now able to utilise our cutting edge technology to manage and keep track of their products as Authenticateit Partner Brands.

All new products, produced by our partner brands, can now be tracked and traced throughout the supply chain. Consumers are able to scan their products at any retail or online store for an authenticity check by simply using the free Authenticateit app available at App Store and Google Play.

Authenticateit’s system is fully compatible with GS1 global standards, making it easy for brands to implement Authenticateit without the cost and hassle of adding additional identifiers. This is because the Authenticateit system uses the same barcode to to authenticate a product which is used by retailers at point-of-sale.

Authenticateit delivers a number of powerful features to its partner brands:
    - Ability to stop grey imports
    - Reporting on any authorised product found in the
       supply chain, including online
    - Ability to stop unauthorised sales
    - Compliance with industry standards

For more information on the GS1 Standards, click here.

How to use Authenticateit to verify products?
CE video  
Jumbo Ugg Boot

Jumbo Ugg Boots customers can now authenticate products online and in-store.

Consumers are able to check the authenticity of Jumbo Ugg Boots in-store by scanning the barcode displayed on product tags.

Factory Worker
The Authenticateit system was installed at Jumbo Ugg Boots factory in Australia.

Ko Boot
By scanning the QR code on the website, consumers can verify the authenticity of a product being purchased. Click here to authenticate a product!

Here are few statements from Jumbo Ugg Boots directors and staff, sharing their experience on the new Authenticateit system.

Michael Kaper
MD of Jumbo Ugg Australia,
One of the leading manufacturers of Ugg Boots to the world.

" Authenticateit’s technology works seamlessly to protect the brand and consumers globally from buying non-genuine Ugg products."

“Jumbo Ugg chose Authenticate as a measure to help prevent the growing number of counterfeits and add value to our customers so they have peace of mind knowing they are purchasing a genuine product.”


The Authenticateit system was rolled out at the Koalabi factory outlet in China.



A statement from the director of LeSerge on Authenticateit.

Serge Derbin
Director of LeSerge
An Australian company supplying leather goods globally, uses Authenticateit to add value to loyal brand followers as well as protect brands of companies engaging Leserge as the manufacturer for their product.

“We have integrated Authenticateit into our manufacturing process to allow us to protect our brand and the goods we make for other companies, as their success is directly related to our bottom line.”

“Authenticateit also helps us keep track of where our products are sold, providing us with valuable marketing and product development information.”

“It’s a powerful tool for us, and I think would benefit any businesses trying to protect its intellectual property.”

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